Beware Of Phone Scams

Let me guide you through this topic by starting off with a little story…

Scam AlertYou are driving in a different area than normal and notice you gas light go on. You pull into the closest gas station and begin to fuel up, when a scummy guy dressed in jeans with holes in the knees and a t-shirt walks up to you. He states clearly that your car must not working right and the manufacturer sent him to fix your car. And if you pay him $500 right now he will fix it no problem. ‘Pop the hood’, he says.

Now I don’t know about you, but I think I would say to myself ‘Hey, my car was fine before. All I needed was gas. And if something is wrong, I don’t know this scummy looking guy.’ This is the kind of person you would be getting in your car and locking your doors. You certainly would not let them monkey around with your car.

Now let’s look at this story in another way:

‘Hi, this is John from Microsoft.’ Dripping heavy accent. ‘I am calling because your computer is telling me it has a virus.’ Now you might think this sounds funny. John continues: ‘Go to here, here and here. See all these errors, that’s why I am calling’. Now he has you. ‘Yea, let me remote in and I can solve those issues.’ You let him in. ‘Oh yea this will cost $300 to fix’ Dang, you don’t want to pay $300. ‘No, ok then, have a nice day’. Hmm that was nice. Tomorrow comes around and now your computer won’t even turn on, or all your files are locked.

This is the exact situation many people using the computer today are running into. Whether it be someone calling your phone claiming to be from Microsoft or some of big name company like HP or Dell or a screen appearing while you are on the internet and saying your computer is broken, call this number.

Now let’s go back to our story with the car above. Did you pop the hood? Would you trust the scummy looking guy? Why would you trust the random person who called you on the phone? Or the random phone number that ‘claims’ you have a problem?Computer Phone Scams

We see it happening more and more, people are believing everything they hear. And trust me, these scammers are good. They have been practicing day in and day out perfecting their skills before they called you. The walk you down the path, get you to trust them and then they get you. And we are also seeing more and more that banks are starting to no longer refund those charges. The banks are saying ‘Hey, you let them in, you gave them the info, you said it was good’.

If you get one of these calls or you have something show up on your screen, please give us a call. If you are not sure, get the persons contact info and give us a call. We can always help you sort out if the call was legit or not. We recommend that you NEVER give out credit card info over the phone unless its someone you know. Notice the bold underlined. We never want to see any of our customers fall victim to scams. The old adage is always right: ‘If it sounds too good to be true….’

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Windows 10 – Coming to a computer near you July 29th

Windows 10 Coming In July

Windows 10 – A new experience, packed with features you love.

Windows 10 is coming out on July 29th, with a free upgrade for anyone running Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1. This can be completed as a in-place upgrade if your computer hardware & software supports Windows 10.

Make sure your Windows 10 upgrade goes smoothly!

Don’t lose important files or functionality. We will backup your current system, perform the upgrade and handle any upgrade issues for only $125.00. Taxes, hardware & software upgrades are not included.

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A Call From Microsoft

I received a call a short time ago from a customer who had been contacted by ‘Microsoft Technical Support’ and was told that they had problems with their computer and the ‘technician’ was going to help fix these errors. Now I have dealt with these calls in the past. The key to their success is deception. They point you to legit places in your computer (mainly the event viewer) to show you errors and problems.
Event Viewer Continue reading

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