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Viruses, Worms, Blue Screens – We can help. No matter what the problem we can fix all those nasty little hiccups that slow you down. We can suggest new software such as virus scanners, pop-up blockers and other useful software to protect your computer system(s). We are fully trained in data backup, software and data recovery and hardware and software diagnostics. We can also handle regular maintenance of your computer systems.

Computer RepairWe work on any Windows OS from Windows 7 all the way to Windows 10. While we do support Windows XP & Vista, support options are extremely limited. We are NOT an Apple Authorized Service Center and no longer provide support for most Apple computers.

If you have Windows 8, we strongly recommend updating to Windows 10. There are many feature improvements that will help make using Windows 8 a lot easier such as the return of the start menu.

We can also handle many common hardware related issues that you may encounter including Hard Drives. We can replace your failing parts with a new one and perform a recovery if necessary to recover as much of your data as possible. We can also provide you with upgrade parts as you need it.

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